Hymn to Horus the Elder

To Horus, O mighty Heru-wer, I offer my praise.
Bright son of Geb and shadow-cloaked Nuit, beloved of Hathor,
great lady of gold, O eldest of the falcon-gods,
ancient of worship, ancient of name, O Horus
whose left eye is the sun, whose right shines as the moon,
I call to you for favor, I call on you for strength.
Yours is the courage to seek out strife, to war with
the wicked who would corrupt the work of Ma’at.
Yours is the nerve to face what may come, whatever
the chances, whatever the risk. Yours is the will
to persevere through any misfortune, any restaint.
Yours is the heart to fight the good battle,
to struggle and strive and to succeed. O Horus,
mighty Heru-wer, overcomer of obstacles,
share with me, O god, your gift of determination.


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