Hymn to Tefnut

To Tefnut of the waters I offer my praise.
Daughter of Atum who spat you into being,
beloved of Shu who shapes the sunlit sky,
mother of starcrossed Nuit and Geb, ever yearning,
ever parted, lady of the rain-cloud,
lady of the morning dew, the mist upon the Nile,
each drop of water is your treasure, O goddess.
I call to you, O Tefnut, bearer of the sun-disk,
O lioness of the Ennead, O Eye of Ra,
wanderer in distant realms, defender from disorder,
smiter of the foes of Ma’at, O goddess who leaves
and yet returns, whose absence saddens all the land,
whose presence is a blessing, O goddess who is distant
and yet ever near. I honor you, O Tefnut,
I thank you for your many gifts; I pray to you, O goddess.


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