Hymn to Atum

To Atum, O god who is complete, I offer my praise.
O self-engendered one, you brought into being
cool-headed Shu and Tefnut of the water-flow,
wise and glorious two, born of your seed alone.
First of gods, first of the Ennead, well honored
in Heliopolis in times long gone, I call to you,
Atum, maker of the world, with all reverence.
So long ago, O Atum, in the time before time,
you sat alone within the Nun, arisen
from the waters; all that now is, is of you, O god.
Atum, ancient before existence, great of name, great of might,
whose will transcends the primordial calm,
lord you are of all you have created, lord of all
the distant lands, lord of all that lies beneath;
yours is a might unsurpassed, a being undiminished.


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