Hymn to Bes

To Bes, granter of all that is good, I offer my praise.
Guardian of the threshold, ever welcome in the home,
Bes who is the protector of women, the champion
of children, the easer of birthing pains,
in every household you reside, to every heart
you bring comfort. O Bes who wards away the wicked,
you are the friend of the family, the shelter
of the helpless, the shield of the defenseless.
In times of fear and dread you grant us courage;
in times of sorrow and despair you are our solace.
Dispeller of evil and all that is ill,
you are as well a bringer of joy and merriment:
yours are the pleasures of music and dance, O god,
yours too are the delights of the bedchamber. O Bes,
I thank you for your many gifts, I pray for your favor.


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