Hymn to Khepera

To Khepera who is self-created, I offer my praise.
Each day you rise anew, O god, again and yet again;
each day you rise is as the first; each day once more
you come into being, of yourself and through yourself.
As Atum is the setting sun and Ra the noonday star,
so you, O god, are each day’s dawn, each morn’s first light,
each day’s beginning, as it has ever been,
as it will ever be. I call to you, O ancient one,
O broad-winged Khepera, bearer of the shen
that encircles us in safety, rider in the sun-boat,
I thank you for your many gifts, O golden one.
Khepera who is the scarab, sacred and profound,
the ever-renewing world itself, O Khepera,
I pray to you for preservation; I pray to you
for a new beginning, a chance to rise anew.


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