Hymn to Atum

To Atum, O god who is complete, I offer my praise.
O self-engendered one, you brought into being
cool-headed Shu and Tefnut of the water-flow,
wise and glorious two, born of your seed alone.
First of gods, first of the Ennead, well honored
in Heliopolis in times long gone, I call to you,
Atum, maker of the world, with all reverence.
So long ago, O Atum, in the time before time,
you sat alone within the Nun, arisen
from the waters; all that now is, is of you, O god.
Atum, ancient before existence, great of name, great of might,
whose will transcends the primordial calm,
lord you are of all you have created, lord of all
the distant lands, lord of all that lies beneath;
yours is a might unsurpassed, a being undiminished.


Hymn to Tefnut

To Tefnut of the waters I offer my praise.
Daughter of Atum who spat you into being,
beloved of Shu who shapes the sunlit sky,
mother of starcrossed Nuit and Geb, ever yearning,
ever parted, lady of the rain-cloud,
lady of the morning dew, the mist upon the Nile,
each drop of water is your treasure, O goddess.
I call to you, O Tefnut, bearer of the sun-disk,
O lioness of the Ennead, O Eye of Ra,
wanderer in distant realms, defender from disorder,
smiter of the foes of Ma’at, O goddess who leaves
and yet returns, whose absence saddens all the land,
whose presence is a blessing, O goddess who is distant
and yet ever near. I honor you, O Tefnut,
I thank you for your many gifts; I pray to you, O goddess.

Hymn to Shu

To Shu of the clear and cloudless sky, I offer my praise.
Born of the seed of Atum who is self-created,
beloved of Tefnut, ever-flowing, ever-pouring,
mighty father of Geb and star-scattered Nuit,
O lord of the air, parter of earth and heaven’s vault,
I call to you with reverence, I call to you in wonder.
O Shu who bears the sign of Ma’at, maintainer of order,
sustainer of existence, cool of head and keen of wit,
fine of judgment, kind of countenance, Shu who is wise
and great of reason, master of the many winds
who opens up a place for being, I pray to you, O god.
We know you with each breath we take, each sudden gust
that lifts the leaves; O Shu who upholds the firmament,
who makes the space in which we live our lives,
I honor your power, I thank you for your blessings.

Hymn to Geb

To Geb, great one who is of the earth, I offer my praise
First-born of Tefnut and storm-shunning Shu,
beloved of Nuit of the star-strewn sky,
O Geb who lies far beneath heaven’s vault,
kept ever apart from your dark-cloaked love
by the strength of your sire, the lord of the air:
such is your solitude, such is your sorrow.
O god of the field and the reedy marsh,
O nourisher of life, sustainer of existence,
O father of snakes, O fairest of geese,
yours is the seed within the soil, yours too
the first of the green spring shoots; yours is the harvest
for which we hope, the life for which we pray.
O Geb who grants us the gift of growth,
I call to you with gratitude, I look to you in awe.

Hymn to Nuit

To Nuit who is the star-lit sky, I offer my praise.
Daughter of Tefnut and cool-headed Shu,
cherished by Geb, your distant beloved,
each day you bring the sun into being,
each day you bear the sun-boat as it sails
from dawn to dusk, from toe to fingertip.
O coverer of heaven’s vault who holds a thousand souls,
O shelter of Osiris who wards the glorious dead,
lady of the sycamore, the abundance
of the world to come, night-shining one
of the Ennead, mother of your children
who uphold the good of Ma’at, O goddess cloaked
in darkness, I honor your beauty, I honor your might.
We know you in daybreak, we know you in twilight,
O Nuit of shade and shadow, I call to you.

Hymn to Sekhmet

To Sekhmet who is great of power, I offer my praise.
O fierce-hearted lioness, great Eye of Ra,
beloved of Ptah who creates as you destroy,
whose wrath falls on the wicked, whose breath of fire
defeats all foes, O lady of slaughter, lady of red,
Sekhmet of the seven arrows, fearsome and furious,
you who arose from Hathor’s rage, O bright and blessed one
before whom evil trembles, I call to you, O goddess.
O Sekhmet who wields the might of vengeance,
you grant as well a kinder gift: O gracious one,
averter of plagues, healer of ills, mender of wounds
who hears the prayers of the ailing and the injured,
the pleas of the desperate and the wretched,
mistress of physicians who steadies the surgeon’s hand,
I thank you for your blessings, I pray to you for favor.

Hymn to Horus the Younger

To Horus who was born of Isis, I offer my praise.
O son of Osiris, true heir to his throne,
O saviour of your father, contender with your uncle,
O Horus who joined the two great lands,
who wears the double crown, O king of gods,
O god of kings, I call to you, O Horus.
Upholder of the right and the good, defender of order,
guardian of Ma’at whose work is unending,
I honor your constancy, I honor your might.
I pray to you, O Horus, grant me your grace,
grant me the gift of integrity, grant me the strength
to do what must be done, the will to pursue
the true and the just. Horus who was born of Isis,
child born of magic, born of death into life,
I call to you with reverence; I call to you with faith.