Hymn to Nekhbet

To Nekhbet, great one of Upper Egypt, I offer my praise.
Nekhbet who wears the White Crown, mighty in ancient Nekhen,
companion of Wadjet with whom you ward the Two Lands,
yours is the sedgeland and the reed, yours the lotus bloom;
yours is the vulture crown, O Nekhbet who is kind.
O mother of mothers, bearer of the shen,
O wide-winged goddess, shelter and shield of children,
helper of women in their travail, I honor you.
O good and gracious goddess, Nekhbet who soars,
who is mistress of the heavens, who sees all
that lies below, you are the unifier,
the bringer of harmony, the granter of strength.
O Nekhbet, fierce as any mother, yours is the gift
of devotion, yours is the work of the protector,
yours is the sustenance of Ma’at: I pray to you.