Hymn to Montu

To Montu who is bold in battle, I offer my praise.
Montu, great of name in Thebes, warrior and wanderer,
lord of the city of the sun, friend of the soldier,
protector of the people, I honor you.
Yours is the scorching of the sands, the cracking of dirt
in the desert heat; yours is the blood on the field of war
that soaks into the soil; yours is the strength
behind necessity, that helps us in our struggles;
yours is the skill to live in harsh climes and barren lands;
yours is the will to survive. Wielder of weapons,
bull who bears the sun, the rage of the righteous
is in your realm, the courage of the valiant,
the spirit of those who fight against any odds,
all are sustained by you, O god; all are your gifts.
O Montu, renewer of courage and might, I pray to you.


Hymn to Nefertem

To Nefertem who is beautiful, I offer my praise.
O god who bears the lotus, who was born of the blossom,
who arose from ancient waters in the time before time,
who rises again with each new day, I honor you.
Nefertem of the flowers, lily of the sun,
child of Ptah who put all things in their places,
child of Sekhmet who is great of healing,
I thank you for your many gifts, the blessings you provide.
Yours is the beauty within all things: I pray to you, O god.
Yours is the garden, sweet with scent: I pray to you, O god.
Yours is the fragrance of perfume: I pray to you, O god.
Yours is the essence of herb and spice: I pray to you, O god.
O god who we know with each day’s dawning,
whose might we see in the brightening light,
O Nefertem who is beautiful, I pray to you this day.

Hymn to Amunet

To Amunet, O hidden one, I offer my praise.
Amunet who wears the red crown, companion of Amun,
well honored in Hermopolis and in Thebes,
your image carved in stone in old Karnak,
O Amunet who stands with the eight great gods,
I pray to you. Amunet of the acacia tree,
kind-hearted goddess, gracious one, friend of the dead
who refreshes the traveler on their final journey,
I pray to you. O Amunet, ancient one who was here
in the time before time, who lay in repose
in the beginning, in the place before place,
and emerged in full form, of yourself, by yourself,
into the world, lady of stillness, lady of the sky,
I pray to you. Amunet of whom we know little,
of whom we understand much, I honor you.

Hymn to Osiris

To Osiris who is lord of the dead, I offer my praise.
Osiris, first son of earth and starry sky,
beloved of Isis who is mighty in magic,
father of Horus who wears the double crown,
Osiris who rules in the great Duat, I pray to you.
O best of gods, O best of kings, so long ago
you sat enthroned in the land of light; so long ago
you fell into the blessed Nile, were immersed
and torn into many parts; so long ago
did Isis and Nephthys gather you together again
and return to you your breath. And yet, once dead,
so must you remain in the underworld. Osiris,
bearer of the crook and the flail, well honored
in Abydos and in Busiris, lord of the black land,
I pray to you, I honor you in all ways.

Hymn to Maahes

To Maahes who is just and true, I offer my praise.
Maahes, wielder of the knife, son of wise Bastet
and firm-footed Ptah, rider each day on the great sun-boat,
defender each day of bright Ra, preserver of the holy,
protector of the innocent, guardian of the horizon,
relentless foe of chaos, maintainer of right and order,
O lord of lions, lord of summer, lord of slaughter,
yours is the vengeance of the wronged, the punishment
of the wicked. Yours is the safekeeping of temples,
the warding of the gate, O Maahes who is the refuge
of the good, the comfort of the oppressed and the abused,
maintainer of Ma’at. Yours is the strength of spirit,
the endurance of resolve; yours is the might
of the many, the will to prevail against evil.
O Maahes, friend of the righteous, I honor you.

Hymn to Hapi

To Hapi of the shining waters, I offer my praise.
O Hapi who is the inundation, the bounty of the Nile,
O god of the rich and fertile land, O Hapi who grants
the good black soil, the continuance of life,
the endurance of civilization, O Hapi who brings
the blessed flood, who makes the river to rise,
I thank you, O god, for your gift of prosperity.
O Hapi who binds the two fair lands, who guards against
famine and drought, against a calamitous surge,
receiver of all offerings given into the Nile,
I thank you, O god, for your gift of moderation.
O Hapi who flows through the great Duat, I honor you.
O Hapi who flows through the broad blue sky, I honor you.
O Hapi who flows through the mortal world, I honor you.
O god who carries each year’s abundance, I pray to you.

Hymn to Mut

To Mut who is mother, gracious and good, I offer my praise.
Well-crowned goddess, companion of Amun who is wise,
mother of the moon-god, O Mut, foremost in Thebes,
mistress of heaven, great Eye of Ra, ancient of name
and matchless of might, I pray to you, O goddess.
Long honored you were in your ancient lands;
your temples yet stand, your image carved steadfast in stone
in Karnak’s splendor–best of places, best of shrines.
Long have you worked within the world, O ancient one,
O constant one, ever-watchful, ever-enduring.
Yours are the vulture’s wings, O Mut; yours it is
to grant shelter from the storm, to shield from harm
those who call to you in need and in devotion.
World-mother, self-created, I honor you, O goddess;
I pray to you, O Mut; I thank you for your many blessings.

Hymn to Ptah

To Ptah, O great one of inspiration, I offer my praise.
O Ptah who is self-created, who is enwrapped
and yet unbound, O chief of gods in Memphis,
maker of all things, Ptah who is beautiful of face,
who is merciful of face, who is the lord of truth;
O friend of artisan and architect, of crafter
and of carpenter, of builder and of engineer,
to you we pray for a steady hand and an artist’s eye,
O Ptah who is the sculptor of the earth, we thank you,
O god of stone and clay, for what we may make
from the world’s great gifts, for what we may design
by your graciousness and will. Companion of Sekhmet,
lady of dread; father of Nefertem who is beautiful;
O Ptah who hears our prayers, who is the first of gods,
firm of foot, I honor you and give you thanks.

Hymn to Hathor

To Hathor, lady of shining gold, I offer my praise.
O Hathor, beautiful of face, shining one whose grace
and goodness are without peer, best of goddesses,
friend of women, guardian of mothers and their children,
lady of joy, of laughter and of delight, O Hathor
who bears the horned crown, great Eye of Ra who rides each day
in the great sun-barque, defender of your father,
defender against chaos, maintainer of what is right
and good, I pray to you. O celestial one, O starry cow,
yours is the night sky, bright with light; yours is the sistrum
and all sweet sound; yours is the bliss within the dance.
O lady of revelry, lady of good cheer,
all pleasures great and small are yours to give;
all happiness is known in your realm. O wanderer,
O granter of mirth, I call to you with all devotion.

Hymn to Anubis

To Anubis whose work is the care of the dead, I offer my praise.
O god of the graveyard, great god of the tomb,
preserver of Osiris, protector of Horus the child,
bearer of the scale, counter of hearts, balancer against
the feather of Ma’at, you lead us into the Duat,
the life after life in which we may dwell in peace and plenty,
in which we may be reborn among those we have loved,
our dearest ones in whose steps we hope to follow,
to whose arms we hope to return. O guardian and guide
of souls, O foremost of the Western gods, Anubis
who leads us into the necropolis, who carries us
from world into world, Anubis who opens that sacred way,
Abubis who is ancient of name and ancient of might,
speaker of spells and granter of breath, I honor you,
O friend of the departed; I thank you for your many gifts.