Hymn to Horus the Elder

To Horus, O mighty Heru-wer, I offer my praise.
Bright son of Geb and shadow-cloaked Nuit, beloved of Hathor,
great lady of gold, O eldest of the falcon-gods,
ancient of worship, ancient of name, O Horus
whose left eye is the sun, whose right shines as the moon,
I call to you for favor, I call on you for strength.
Yours is the courage to seek out strife, to war with
the wicked who would corrupt the work of Ma’at.
Yours is the nerve to face what may come, whatever
the chances, whatever the risk. Yours is the will
to persevere through any misfortune, any restaint.
Yours is the heart to fight the good battle,
to struggle and strive and to succeed. O Horus,
mighty Heru-wer, overcomer of obstacles,
share with me, O god, your gift of determination.


Hymn to Heqet

To Heqet, defender of home and kin, I offer my praise.
O goddess of the rising waters, sprouter of seed,
awakener of being, mistress of the fruitful field,
mother of motherhood, mother of mothers,
I honor your power, I honor your calling.
Goddess of the birthing room, best of midwives,
friend of women in their travail, you ease the pains
of life entering the world, you grant each child.
its first sweet breath outside the womb. Mighty Heqet,
yours is the gift of a swift birth and a healthy babe,
yours is the care of the newborn child and the house
into which it is born, Preserver of the hearthfire,
guardian of the gate, shield of the household
and shelter of the family, Heqet who hears all prayers,
watch over those within my walls, I pray to you.

Hymn to Sobek

To Sobek, lord of the waterways, I offer my praise.
Son of Neith, the land of the lake is yours, O Sobek,
foremost of the crocodile gods. Well honored you were
in ancient Faiyum; great temples and monuments were built
in honor of your might, many were the prayers you answered,
many the offerings given you in thanks. O god of the marsh,
lord of the seed of men, fierce-hearted guardian,
defeater of the wicked, defender of the innocent,
undoer of evils; O raging and ravening one,
fearsome of countenance, pointed of teeth,
tall-plumed one who makes the herbage green,
inspirer of reverence and awe, benevolent one
whose bounty is unending, compassionate one
whose gifts are freely given, Sobek, O watchful one
whose strike is certain, I call to you with all devotion.

Hymn to Heka

To Heka who is the power of the word, I offer my praise.
Created by Atum in the time before time,
well-honored in Iunyt with Khnum and with Neith,
with Khnum who is father of fathers,
with Neith who is mother of mothers.
In the boat of millions of years you stand at the fore,
O best of protectors whose might surpasses what is;
you speak, and what may be comes into true being.
O Heka who is magic, O friend of the wise
who seek to learn your art, O friend of the ailing
who is the maker of medicine, slayer of serpents
who grants skill to the surgeon and strength to the sick.
I call out to Heka, great god of the possible;
I pray to you for favor, I pray to you
that my will be strong, my judgment fine.

Hymn to Neith

To Neith who bears the bow and the shaft, I offer my praise.
O fierce-hearted goddess, beloved of Khnum,
you are the red crown, the guardian of the northern lands;
O mistress of Sais, far-famed and long-remembered.
yours is the strength that supports the vaulted sky,
that forbids it crashing mightily to earth;
yours is the wisdom called on by the gods themselves
when fine judgement is needed, when accord must be found.
Older than old, unfathomable goddess,
you were ancient when great Atum came into being;
from the first of floods you arose, O Neith,
you brought up the land from beneath the broad sea,
yours are the words that fashioned the world.
Neith who holds the shield and the shuttle,
I honor your insight, I honor your might.

Hymn to Khnum

To Khnum who sits at the potter’s wheel, I offer my praise.
O ancient self-created one who ruled at Elephantine,
river-master, high of plumes, yours is the stone
within the earth, the silt of the Nile, the flood
that nourishes the field. Friend of the crafter,
the builder, the miner, yours is the work
of the artisan, O granter of resources,
granter of skill, yours is the gift of a dextrous hand
and an artist’s eye. We are as you have made us,
O Khnum, with your blessing of body and breath;
our worth and our substance are within us, unique and innate.
O shaper of humanity who molds us, one by one,
from clay, each fashioned with art and with care;
water-bearer, father of fathers, you of the rippling horn,
for our lives and our existence we thank you.

Hymn to Set

To Set of the shifting desert sands, I offer my praise.
Thundering son of the earth and the starry sky,
beloved of Nephthys who soothes the sorrowing,
defender of Ra on the bright sun-barque,
you stand at the bow, ever ready, ever able,
smiter of the serpent, battler of your brother,
lord of the red lands and of the oasis,
strong of arm and strong of resolve, I honor you.
Great is your mettle, great is your might,
O Set who sends the storm, whose power is of the will,
whose being is of necessity: yours are the days
of desperation, yours the times of transformation.
Shaker of the skies, O Set of many guises,
Set of many tales, to you do we turn for strength,
in you do we seek our survival–hail to you, O god!