Hymn to Amunet

To Amunet, O hidden one, I offer my praise.
Amunet who wears the red crown, companion of Amun,
well honored in Hermopolis and in Thebes,
your image carved in stone in old Karnak,
O Amunet who stands with the eight great gods,
I pray to you. Amunet of the acacia tree,
kind-hearted goddess, gracious one, friend of the dead
who refreshes the traveler on their final journey,
I pray to you. O Amunet, ancient one who was here
in the time before time, who lay in repose
in the beginning, in the place before place,
and emerged in full form, of yourself, by yourself,
into the world, lady of stillness, lady of the sky,
I pray to you. Amunet of whom we know little,
of whom we understand much, I honor you.