Hymn to Anubis

To Anubis whose work is the care of the dead, I offer my praise.
O god of the graveyard, great god of the tomb,
preserver of Osiris, protector of Horus the child,
bearer of the scale, counter of hearts, balancer against
the feather of Ma’at, you lead us into the Duat,
the life after life in which we may dwell in peace and plenty,
in which we may be reborn among those we have loved,
our dearest ones in whose steps we hope to follow,
to whose arms we hope to return. O guardian and guide
of souls, O foremost of the Western gods, Anubis
who leads us into the necropolis, who carries us
from world into world, Anubis who opens that sacred way,
Abubis who is ancient of name and ancient of might,
speaker of spells and granter of breath, I honor you,
O friend of the departed; I thank you for your many gifts.