Hymn to Bast

To Bast who grants the best of blessings, I offer my praise.
O mighty Eye of Ra, O slayer of the serpent,
Mistress of Bubastis, your city of famous name:
well-honored you were in the fairest of temples,
well-loved you remain throughout the wide world.
Preserver against all ills that plague us,
Protector against all foes that imperil us,
Yours is the care of humanity, our shelter and our shield.
Yours too is the sistrum, the sweetness of sound,
the joy and the pleasure of dance, the delight
of good company, laughter and song; O goddess
of merriment and mirth, I thank you for good friends
and good cheer, for respite and rest, for the comfort of love.
Defender of the good and the right, I honor you, O goddess.
Devourer of evil and disorder, I honor you, O Bast.