Hymn to Amun

To Amun, self-created king of gods, I offer my praise.
O well-crowned god of air and sky, wearer of the two plumes,
Consort of great-hearted Mut who is best of mothers,
Father of Khonsu who carries the shining moon;
O Amun who bears many names, who is great of might
and great of renown, whose temples yet stand strong,
O god who is hidden and who yet is revealed
to those who seek your goodness and your gifts,
O god who is unseen and who is all-encompassing,
through whom all that may and may not be, may yet become,
O god of the curling horn, god of the soul
who holds the ba in hand, I honor you.
We know you in each cooling breeze, each breath we take
to sustain our lives; we know you with each exhalation.
I call out to you with a firm voice and a full heart.