Hymn to Min

To Min of the phallus and the flail, I offer my praise.
Protector of the moon, enricher of the earth,
O Min who raises his arm, who wears the two plumes,
eater of lettuce, sower of seed, O Min
of many festivals, O Min of great processions,
firm of footing, fertile of spirit, forceful of will,
O vigorous and virile god, I call out to you.
Grasper of your manhood, inciter of passion,
granter of a flourishing field and a fruitful womb,
yours is the gift of arousal, the blessing of lust.
Friend of the farmer, protector of the household,
preserver of the family, we pray to you, O god,
for the life of the soil, for an abundant harvest.
O Min, bringer of bounty, lord of the inundation,
I pray to you, be generous, O good and gracious god.