Hymn to Set

To Set of the shifting desert sands, I offer my praise.
Thundering son of the earth and the starry sky,
beloved of Nephthys who soothes the sorrowing,
defender of Ra on the bright sun-barque,
you stand at the bow, ever ready, ever able,
smiter of the serpent, battler of your brother,
lord of the red lands and of the oasis,
strong of arm and strong of resolve, I honor you.
Great is your mettle, great is your might,
O Set who sends the storm, whose power is of the will,
whose being is of necessity: yours are the days
of desperation, yours the times of transformation.
Shaker of the skies, O Set of many guises,
Set of many tales, to you do we turn for strength,
in you do we seek our survival–hail to you, O god!