Hymn to Shu

To Shu of the clear and cloudless sky, I offer my praise.
Born of the seed of Atum who is self-created,
beloved of Tefnut, ever-flowing, ever-pouring,
mighty father of Geb and star-scattered Nuit,
O lord of the air, parter of earth and heaven’s vault,
I call to you with reverence, I call to you in wonder.
O Shu who bears the sign of Ma’at, maintainer of order,
sustainer of existence, cool of head and keen of wit,
fine of judgment, kind of countenance, Shu who is wise
and great of reason, master of the many winds
who opens up a place for being, I pray to you, O god.
We know you with each breath we take, each sudden gust
that lifts the leaves; O Shu who upholds the firmament,
who makes the space in which we live our lives,
I honor your power, I thank you for your blessings.