Hymn to Sobek

To Sobek, lord of the waterways, I offer my praise.
Son of Neith, the land of the lake is yours, O Sobek,
foremost of the crocodile gods. Well honored you were
in ancient Faiyum; great temples and monuments were built
in honor of your might, many were the prayers you answered,
many the offerings given you in thanks. O god of the marsh,
lord of the seed of men, fierce-hearted guardian,
defeater of the wicked, defender of the innocent,
undoer of evils; O raging and ravening one,
fearsome of countenance, pointed of teeth,
tall-plumed one who makes the herbage green,
inspirer of reverence and awe, benevolent one
whose bounty is unending, compassionate one
whose gifts are freely given, Sobek, O watchful one
whose strike is certain, I call to you with all devotion.