Hymn to Thoth

To Thoth, keen-minded judge of Ma’at, I offer my praise.
O wise one of Hermopolis where ruled the Ogdoad,
stander at the scale, holder of the stylus,
chronicler of deeds, good and ill, yours it is
to watch and to record. O god of all language,
friend of the scholar and the scribe, the writer
and the reckoner, god of the word in all its might,
master of mathematics, I pray to you for insight
and for understanding, for learning and for reason,
for the gathering of knowledge and the judgment
to use it wisely and well. Best of arbiters,
most skillful of questioners, conciliator of gods
and examiner of the dead, all works of word and wisdom
are yours to wield. Thoth, great of discourse, great of voice,
may I speak and perceive with all clarity.