Hymn to Neith

To Neith who bears the bow and the shaft, I offer my praise.
O fierce-hearted goddess, beloved of Khnum,
you are the red crown, the guardian of the northern lands;
O mistress of Sais, far-famed and long-remembered.
yours is the strength that supports the vaulted sky,
that forbids it crashing mightily to earth;
yours is the wisdom called on by the gods themselves
when fine judgement is needed, when accord must be found.
Older than old, unfathomable goddess,
you were ancient when great Atum came into being;
from the first of floods you arose, O Neith,
you brought up the land from beneath the broad sea,
yours are the words that fashioned the world.
Neith who holds the shield and the shuttle,
I honor your insight, I honor your might.