Hymn to Heqet

To Heqet, defender of home and kin, I offer my praise.
O goddess of the rising waters, sprouter of seed,
awakener of being, mistress of the fruitful field,
mother of motherhood, mother of mothers,
I honor your power, I honor your calling.
Goddess of the birthing room, best of midwives,
friend of women in their travail, you ease the pains
of life entering the world, you grant each child.
its first sweet breath outside the womb. Mighty Heqet,
yours is the gift of a swift birth and a healthy babe,
yours is the care of the newborn child and the house
into which it is born, Preserver of the hearthfire,
guardian of the gate, shield of the household
and shelter of the family, Heqet who hears all prayers,
watch over those within my walls, I pray to you.