Hymn to Khnum

To Khnum who sits at the potter’s wheel, I offer my praise.
O ancient self-created one who ruled at Elephantine,
river-master, high of plumes, yours is the stone
within the earth, the silt of the Nile, the flood
that nourishes the field. Friend of the crafter,
the builder, the miner, yours is the work
of the artisan, O granter of resources,
granter of skill, yours is the gift of a dextrous hand
and an artist’s eye. We are as you have made us,
O Khnum, with your blessing of body and breath;
our worth and our substance are within us, unique and innate.
O shaper of humanity who molds us, one by one,
from clay, each fashioned with art and with care;
water-bearer, father of fathers, you of the rippling horn,
for our lives and our existence we thank you.