Hymn to Nephthys

To Nephthys, great friend of the dead, I offer my praise.
Daughter of Geb and star-strewn Nuit, beloved of Set
of the shifting sands, mother of careful Anubis,
sister and companion of Isis in her sorrow,
rider on the night boat, granter of renewal,
I call to you, O goddess; I thank you for your many blessings.
O youngest of the Ennead, well-honored in Heliopolos,
you hear the laments of the mourning; you are the solace
of those who weep, the comfort of the bereft.
Yours is the care of those who grieve; yours is the care
of the dead. O lady of the household, mistress of the house,
yours too is the warding of women, within and without the home;
yours is the tending of mother with child, the easing of travail.
At life’s beginning and at life’s end, yours is the hand
that guides us; I praise you, O Nephthys, I honor your calling.