Hymn to Nuit

To Nuit who is the star-lit sky, I offer my praise.
Daughter of Tefnut and cool-headed Shu,
cherished by Geb, your distant beloved,
each day you bring the sun into being,
each day you bear the sun-boat as it sails
from dawn to dusk, from toe to fingertip.
O coverer of heaven’s vault who holds a thousand souls,
O shelter of Osiris who wards the glorious dead,
lady of the sycamore, the abundance
of the world to come, night-shining one
of the Ennead, mother of your children
who uphold the good of Ma’at, O goddess cloaked
in darkness, I honor your beauty, I honor your might.
We know you in daybreak, we know you in twilight,
O Nuit of shade and shadow, I call to you.