Hymn to Mut

To Mut who is mother, gracious and good, I offer my praise.
Well-crowned goddess, companion of Amun who is wise,
mother of the moon-god, O Mut, foremost in Thebes,
mistress of heaven, great Eye of Ra, ancient of name
and matchless of might, I pray to you, O goddess.
Long honored you were in your ancient lands;
your temples yet stand, your image carved steadfast in stone
in Karnak’s splendor–best of places, best of shrines.
Long have you worked within the world, O ancient one,
O constant one, ever-watchful, ever-enduring.
Yours are the vulture’s wings, O Mut; yours it is
to grant shelter from the storm, to shield from harm
those who call to you in need and in devotion.
World-mother, self-created, I honor you, O goddess;
I pray to you, O Mut; I thank you for your many blessings.