Hymn to Ptah

To Ptah, O great one of inspiration, I offer my praise.
O Ptah who is self-created, who is enwrapped
and yet unbound, O chief of gods in Memphis,
maker of all things, Ptah who is beautiful of face,
who is merciful of face, who is the lord of truth;
O friend of artisan and architect, of crafter
and of carpenter, of builder and of engineer,
to you we pray for a steady hand and an artist’s eye,
O Ptah who is the sculptor of the earth, we thank you,
O god of stone and clay, for what we may make
from the world’s great gifts, for what we may design
by your graciousness and will. Companion of Sekhmet,
lady of dread; father of Nefertem who is beautiful;
O Ptah who hears our prayers, who is the first of gods,
firm of foot, I honor you and give you thanks.