Hymn to Seshet

To Seshet, first and best of scribes, I offer my praise.
Companion of Thoth, mistress of the library,
deviser of the writer’s art, the words upon the page,
Seshet who holds in hand the brush and the palette,
whose craft it is to mark down well all things of import
and of worth, goddess of the manuscript who knows
much of history, you hold its lessons in your heart.
Yours is the world of the wordsmith, of all who take
pen in hand and make real what may be imagined,
who preserve what would else be forgotten.
Yours too, O Seshet, is the work of the reckoner,
the counter of stores; yours is the stargazer’s map,
the builder’s plan, the beauty of mathematics.
Seshet who grants us the might of the word,
the immortality of print, I pray to you.