Hymn to Sokar

To Sokar who is arisen, I offer my praise.
O Sokar who is great of might, companion of Ptah
and of wise Osiris, well known in ancient Memphis,
well honored by the artisan, the maker and the smith,
O Sokar, you grant a steady hand, an artist’s eye.
In times long gone, O Sokar, each year you were carried
throughout the city, garlanded with onions,
your festival observed by all in joy and jubilation.
Enshrouded you are in the finest of linen,
O lord of the mysterious lands, Sokar who dwells
in the darkness, who roams the world beyond our own,
you ride upon your great sand-boat, traversing
the place of the dead, travelling freely and as you will;
yours is the necropolis, the realm of the spirit
where all is good, where all is as it should be.