Hymn to Wadjet

To Wadjet, great one of Lower Egypt, I offer my praise.
Wadjet who wears the Red Crown, mighty in ancient Memphis,
companion of Nekhbet with whom you ward the two lands,
yours is the delta, the many fingers of the Nile,
the dark and fertile soil; O Wadjet who is green,
who is of the flourishing lands, I call to you.
O Wadjet, mighty one who is the uraeus,
O cobra risen on your tail, guardian of kings,
O Eye of Ra, fierce in justice, fierce in vengeance,
easer of birth pains, protector of children,
O Wadjet, I praise your glory and your strength.
Defender of the right and the good, I pray to you;
punisher of the wicked and the foul, I pray to you;
avenger of the grieving and the wronged, I pray to you.
Wadjet, goddess fair and good, I honor you.