Hymn to Osiris

To Osiris who is lord of the dead, I offer my praise.
Osiris, first son of earth and starry sky,
beloved of Isis who is mighty in magic,
father of Horus who wears the double crown,
Osiris who rules in the great Duat, I pray to you.
O best of gods, O best of kings, so long ago
you sat enthroned in the land of light; so long ago
you fell into the blessed Nile, were immersed
and torn into many parts; so long ago
did Isis and Nephthys gather you together again
and return to you your breath. And yet, once dead,
so must you remain in the underworld. Osiris,
bearer of the crook and the flail, well honored
in Abydos and in Busiris, lord of the black land,
I pray to you, I honor you in all ways.