Hymn to Mafdet

To Mafdet, slayer of snakes, I offer my praise.
O ancient goddess, fierce and swift, you are the foe
of baneful and venomous beasts, of serpent
and of scorpion, O healer of their deadly bite.
Your teeth are sharp, O Mafdet; with them you rend
the serpent’s flesh, with them you dispell the works
of the wicked, you destroy the enemies of Ma’at.
Daughter of Ra who is great, defender of Ra who is wise,
yours is the staff of the executioner,
the blade well wielded with certainty and skill;
yours is the guarding of holy places, sacred realms;
yours is justice, steadfast and relentless;
yours is the punishment of evil, O goddess,
yours is the vengeance of the wronged. O Mafdet
who is the sword of the righteous, I honor you.