Hymn to Sokar

To Sokar who is arisen, I offer my praise.
O Sokar who is great of might, companion of Ptah
and of wise Osiris, well known in ancient Memphis,
well honored by the artisan, the maker and the smith,
O Sokar, you grant a steady hand, an artist’s eye.
In times long gone, O Sokar, each year you were carried
throughout the city, garlanded with onions,
your festival observed by all in joy and jubilation.
Enshrouded you are in the finest of linen,
O lord of the mysterious lands, Sokar who dwells
in the darkness, who roams the world beyond our own,
you ride upon your great sand-boat, traversing
the place of the dead, travelling freely and as you will;
yours is the necropolis, the realm of the spirit
where all is good, where all is as it should be.


Hymn to Seshet

To Seshet, first and best of scribes, I offer my praise.
Companion of Thoth, mistress of the library,
deviser of the writer’s art, the words upon the page,
Seshet who holds in hand the brush and the palette,
whose craft it is to mark down well all things of import
and of worth, goddess of the manuscript who knows
much of history, you hold its lessons in your heart.
Yours is the world of the wordsmith, of all who take
pen in hand and make real what may be imagined,
who preserve what would else be forgotten.
Yours too, O Seshet, is the work of the reckoner,
the counter of stores; yours is the stargazer’s map,
the builder’s plan, the beauty of mathematics.
Seshet who grants us the might of the word,
the immortality of print, I pray to you.

Hymn to Ra

To Ra, great god of the blessed sun, I offer my praise.
O Ra who was born of the starry night sky,
O Ra who was born as the world first emerged,
I call to you, O sun-god; I call to you, O Ra.
Rider in the sun-boat, the boat of millions of years,
in the day-boat and the night-boat you travel each day
through the heavens above and the world below,
with the souls of the dead and the words of the living;
each day you do battle with chaos and evil,
each day you defeat the foul eater of souls,
each day you give strength to the power of Ma’at.
O Ra who wears many faces, I pray to you, O god.
O Ra who bears many names, I pray to you, O god.
O Ra who is joined with many others, I pray to you, O god.
For light and for life, I give you thanks, O Ra.

Hymn to Min

To Min of the phallus and the flail, I offer my praise.
Protector of the moon, enricher of the earth,
O Min who raises his arm, who wears the two plumes,
eater of lettuce, sower of seed, O Min
of many festivals, O Min of great processions,
firm of footing, fertile of spirit, forceful of will,
O vigorous and virile god, I call out to you.
Grasper of your manhood, inciter of passion,
granter of a flourishing field and a fruitful womb,
yours is the gift of arousal, the blessing of lust.
Friend of the farmer, protector of the household,
preserver of the family, we pray to you, O god,
for the life of the soil, for an abundant harvest.
O Min, bringer of bounty, lord of the inundation,
I pray to you, be generous, O good and gracious god.

Hymn to Montu

To Montu who is bold in battle, I offer my praise.
Montu, great of name in Thebes, warrior and wanderer,
lord of the city of the sun, friend of the soldier,
protector of the people, I honor you.
Yours is the scorching of the sands, the cracking of dirt
in the desert heat; yours is the blood on the field of war
that soaks into the soil; yours is the strength
behind necessity, that helps us in our struggles;
yours is the skill to live in harsh climes and barren lands;
yours is the will to survive. Wielder of weapons,
bull who bears the sun, the rage of the righteous
is in your realm, the courage of the valiant,
the spirit of those who fight against any odds,
all are sustained by you, O god; all are your gifts.
O Montu, renewer of courage and might, I pray to you.

Hymn to Nefertem

To Nefertem who is beautiful, I offer my praise.
O god who bears the lotus, who was born of the blossom,
who arose from ancient waters in the time before time,
who rises again with each new day, I honor you.
Nefertem of the flowers, lily of the sun,
child of Ptah who put all things in their places,
child of Sekhmet who is great of healing,
I thank you for your many gifts, the blessings you provide.
Yours is the beauty within all things: I pray to you, O god.
Yours is the garden, sweet with scent: I pray to you, O god.
Yours is the fragrance of perfume: I pray to you, O god.
Yours is the essence of herb and spice: I pray to you, O god.
O god who we know with each day’s dawning,
whose might we see in the brightening light,
O Nefertem who is beautiful, I pray to you this day.

Hymn to Amunet

To Amunet, O hidden one, I offer my praise.
Amunet who wears the red crown, companion of Amun,
well honored in Hermopolis and in Thebes,
your image carved in stone in old Karnak,
O Amunet who stands with the eight great gods,
I pray to you. Amunet of the acacia tree,
kind-hearted goddess, gracious one, friend of the dead
who refreshes the traveler on their final journey,
I pray to you. O Amunet, ancient one who was here
in the time before time, who lay in repose
in the beginning, in the place before place,
and emerged in full form, of yourself, by yourself,
into the world, lady of stillness, lady of the sky,
I pray to you. Amunet of whom we know little,
of whom we understand much, I honor you.