Hymn to Maahes

To Maahes who is just and true, I offer my praise.
Maahes, wielder of the knife, son of wise Bastet
and firm-footed Ptah, rider each day on the great sun-boat,
defender each day of bright Ra, preserver of the holy,
protector of the innocent, guardian of the horizon,
relentless foe of chaos, maintainer of right and order,
O lord of lions, lord of summer, lord of slaughter,
yours is the vengeance of the wronged, the punishment
of the wicked. Yours is the safekeeping of temples,
the warding of the gate, O Maahes who is the refuge
of the good, the comfort of the oppressed and the abused,
maintainer of Ma’at. Yours is the strength of spirit,
the endurance of resolve; yours is the might
of the many, the will to prevail against evil.
O Maahes, friend of the righteous, I honor you.