Hymn to Wepwawet

To Wepwawet, Opener of the Ways, I offer my praise.
O great god who stands at the fore of the sun-barque,
watchful and wary one, first to set foot on hostile ground,
first to go forth into battle, warder of the standard-bearer,
companion of kings, bearer of the cudgel and the shaft,
piercer of flesh, crusher of bone, you walk with the seeker
and the wanderer, you follow the unseen path, you unlatch
the hidden door. Well honored you were in Asyut, city of wolves,
O Wepwawet of the keen eye and the sharp tooth; well known
you are by those who seize the gifts of life, the joy and the sorrow,
the flood and the drought, the chance firmly taken, the risk understood.
Yours are those who search, within and without; yours are those who strive
and fail, who strive and succeed, who look beyond the garden wall
into the wilderness beyond. Teach me to stand firm-rooted,
to bend with the wind; grant to me your wisdom and your grace.