Hymn to Hathor

To Hathor, lady of shining gold, I offer my praise.
O Hathor, beautiful of face, shining one whose grace
and goodness are without peer, best of goddesses,
friend of women, guardian of mothers and their children,
lady of joy, of laughter and of delight, O Hathor
who bears the horned crown, great Eye of Ra who rides each day
in the great sun-barque, defender of your father,
defender against chaos, maintainer of what is right
and good, I pray to you. O celestial one, O starry cow,
yours is the night sky, bright with light; yours is the sistrum
and all sweet sound; yours is the bliss within the dance.
O lady of revelry, lady of good cheer,
all pleasures great and small are yours to give;
all happiness is known in your realm. O wanderer,
O granter of mirth, I call to you with all devotion.